Space allegory adventures of a cute stylized fox!
Terry on Tapas

◈ This comic without words is a philosophy allegory on us - humans and the Earth (Terra = Terry for the fox's name), and how strong our desire to find another mind in space, or at least just a life is. This is our history of mankind in space, how we discovered new horizons, made mistakes and found answers. And more globally - how great the distances are.

◈ At the end of the book is a short explanation of all actions and allegories (both RUS & ENG). But first read the comic only with your thoughts.
◈ I hope you will enjoy this story and it will find a response in your soul~

◈ I will be very pleased to hear from you your personal opinion and comprehension of the comic after reading, maybe you will find something new that Terry hid in her adventures.
✮ Printed on 100gsm soft textured paper.
32 pages (=16 sheets)
Size: 13*14cm
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